Certificate of Canadian Origin

In response to problems encountered by artists whose work was being returned from exhibition or consignment abroad, a Certificate of Canadian Origin was developed by CARFAC with the approval of Revenue Canada and Customs and Excise. It is a document that identifies original works of art that are temporarily being exported abroad. This will allow works of art to pass through Customs without any GST implications.

The Certificate is simple to fill out. Photocopy as many copies of the sample as you may need and clearly print out all the necessary details that are asked. Note that one certificate is required for each individual work of art.

In order to meet Customs requirements, another artist who is in good standing with CARFAC and is knowledgeable with your work must verify each work of art by filling out the section under "Certification by CARFAC".

The Certificate may be used by a party other than the artist (e.g., a private collector) if the registered owner section is completed and provided no change of ownership takes place during the temporary export.

Once completed and signed, send the Certificate(s) to CARFAC National along with a fee of $25.00 for the first certificate and $5.00 each for any others being sent at the same time.

CARFAC members pay only $10.00 for the first certificate and $1.00 each for any others at the same time.

Please note that a Certificate is not valid and will not be accepted by Customs if it is not signed by the National Director or the delegate and is not stamped with the official seal of CARFAC.

The Certificate of Canadian Origin should be attached to the packaging or crate the art work travels in, and be accessible to Customs officials. It is advisable to place the original (sealed) certificates in a packing slip on the outside of the crate, and to write "Certificates of Canadian Origin Enclosed. Please return after consultation."

The Certificate is good for the life of the work and can be kept on file for future international shipping of the work.

For more information, contact the CARFAC National office, or download the certificate: