The Art of Framing

The Art of Framing Art: Why we do it, how we do it and some practical considerations, is a new workshop developed by Heather Cline for CARFAC SASK in the fall of 2014. The workshop touches on a brief history of framing and some contemporary framing strategies. It then addresses some practical considerations, including: framing aesthetics, archival concerns, weighing between economy and expertise, and finally some simple how-to. Concluding with a demonstration for a simple method for framing small scale works on paper or panel.

Accompanying the workshop are 2 video presentations. Available below:

1) The Art of Framing is a short (6.44 minutes) video detailing the history of framing.       

 2) The Art of Framing Carfac PPT is a 25 minute video of the power point & workshop notes, with artist interviews, that accompanies the workshop.

The below video is notes about a CARFAC framing workshop with Heather Cline.

About the instructor:  Mixed media Artist Heather Cline MFA spent the first three years after completing her BFA at the University of Saskatchewan working as a professional picture framer at Art Placement, inc. in Saskatoon. She also had the opportunity to work as a part time gallery preparator with the excellent staff at the Mendel Art Gallery. These experiences combined with a strange need to work in multiple mediums from painting to wood carving to works that incorporate audio/video elements, has resulted in lifelong obsession with effective art framing and gallery display.