Saskatchewan Visual Arts Awards


In 2008, CARFAC SASK established three Visual Arts Awards, which are given out every two years.

Deadline for nominations for the 2016 awards is October 31, 2016.

The awards will be presented as part of the CARFAC SASK Annual General Meeting.

Download the nomination form and guidelines by clicking on the links below.

Visual Arts Awards Nomination Form

Visual Arts Awards Nomination Guidelines


The Patrick Close Leadership in the Arts Award celebrates an artist's substantial contribution to CARFAC SASK and the visual culture of Saskatchewan over a period of time.

The Mentoring Award celebrates an artist's wisdom, experience and generosity of spirit and contribution to the professional development and mentoring of others in the Saskatchewan visual arts community by sharing their work, their artistic practice and knowledge. Mentoring enriches and fosters environments in which to learn, teach, and grow.

The Emerging Artist Award celebrates an artist's emergence into professional practice.

CARFAC SASK is pleased to announce that the recipient of the 2016 Patrick Close Leadership in the Arts Award is Marsha Kennedy. The award celebrates an artist’s substantial contribution to CARFAC SASK and to the visual culture of Saskatchewan over a period of time. Marsha is a passionate artist, a devoted teacher and mentor, and an engaged member of the Saskatchewan creative community. We are thrilled to honor her with this award and thank those who made and supported her nomination.

Marsha Kennedy has spent most of her life living in Regina. During her formative years as a professional artist she moved to Toronto, where she received her MFA from York University. She lived and worked as an artist in Toronto for eleven years before returning with her son to Regina, where she currently resides.

Early in life, Marsha understood that her relationship with nature and other species was fundamental to the quality of her life. This recognition later became the motivational force behind her art practice. She has been active in working with both wild and domestic animals in need since early childhood. She has embraced Saskatchewan's natural and cultural environment as the foundation of her life's work. Motivated beyond personal sentiments, she encourages her audience to recognize the essential meaning of our relationship to nature and other species. She is compelled to awaken and provoke a change that challenges our current cultural values and beliefs.

She has been actively teaching and mentoring artists over the past thirty-five years. Soon to retire to a full-time art practice, she currently teaches within the Visual Art Department at the University of Regina. During her years at the university she continued to help her students after their graduation and mentored many artists within the Saskatchewan art community. She curates group exhibitions for public and commercial galleries as a way to bring artists together or to bring public attention to artists whose work she admires. 

Previous award recipients have included:

  • Jack Cowin - Patrick Close Leadership in the Arts Award 2014 
  • David Garneau - Mentor Award 2014
  • Catherine Blackburn - Emerging Artist Award 2014
  • Doug Townsend - Patrick Close Leadership in the Arts Award 2012
  • Patrick Close - Mentor Award 2012
  • Andrea Norberg - Emerging Artist Award 2012
  • Grant McConnell - Long Shadow Award 2010
  • Laura Hale - Emerging Artist Award 2010
  • Iris Hauser - Mentor Award 2010
  • Gary Robins - Mentor Award 2008
  • Michel Boutin - Mentor Award 2008
  • Wally Dion - Emerging Artist Award 2008