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Justine Stilborn

Justine “Tini” Stilborn is a Regina-based artist. She was born in 1988 of Aboriginal, Romanian and European descent. She earned a Bachelor in Fine Arts degree in 2014, with a major in Visual Arts (Drawing) and a Minor in Art History. In her work she critiques consumer culture from the perspective of a conflicted consumer. Stilborn depicts iconic popular culture characters and produces them in a way that they both are consumers as well as being consumed. Stilborn’s watercolour painting, pencil, and pencil crayon drawings explore themes of childhood and the commodification of the human body by employing characters but often has layers of meaning that are tongue-in-cheek and offer social critique. She combines the movements of Pop Art and Surrealism while subscribing to Takashi Murakami’s “Superflat” Theory.  She seeks to dissect the legacy of individualism perpetuated by the media in favour of profit. Stilborn has exhibited in the ‘Group Art Show’ at ComicReaders, ‘Re-Art’ at the fifth Parallel Gallery and several more. She has also been on the Visual Arts Students Association for three consecutive years during her academic career and recently elected on the CARFAC SASK Board of Directors.

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