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Beverly Schloendorf

My name is Beverly Schloendorf. 

I was born in Watson Saskatchewan in 1960. 

I graduated from Rouleau High School (aka Dog River) in 1978. 

After graduation, having decided I'd had enough of Saskatchewan I moved to Alberta, living variously in Fort McMurray, Calgary, Spruce Grove, Stoney Plain, Rocky Mountain House, Caroline and Leslieville. In 1995 I returned to Saskatchewan and here I remain, presently living in LeRoy. 

As a child I was always drawing something. It wasn't until after the birth of my second child in 1985 that I began to take art semi seriously when I happened to watch a PBS program about landscape painting. 

So it began. I practiced, I honed, made mud, made mistakes and learned. And I continue to do so still. Most of my creations have been given as gifts to my family and friends, a few were donated to the community as fund raising items. 

I did most of the diorama painting in the basement of the LeRoy museum, and painted a mural on the kitchen wall for a friend.  

And now, after so many years, and the encouragement of those close to me, I have the confidence to believe I am more than just a dabbler in art. Here I am, spreading my wings.  Hoping I can fly. 

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